Seen & Heard: Murray Street Mess Cleaned Up

253 Broadway Murray no shed••• Zach had asked when the construction at 253 Broadway—and specifically, the sidewalk shed on Murray—would be finished. I was harassing city’s Department of Citywide Administrative Services about it (to zero avail), when he emailed to say that it was gone! This may seem minor to folks who don’t ever walk on that block—and the photo hardly makes it look like a spring meadow—but that shed had been there for years. And it was nasty.

••• Flywheel Sports’s new Tribeca location is taking reservations starting Dec. 9. Schedule here.

••• Maxwell’s has quite the Christmas tree! There’s a lighting ceremony with cocoa—and presumably something stronger—scheduled tomorrow (Tuesday) at 5:30 p.m.

••• The post about the wailing of One World Trade Center has been picked up somewhere funky, because it got a few crazy comments about Satan, “The Harbinger,” etc. I didn’t approve them—amusing and terrifying as they were, I like that the comments are generally a nutball-free zone.

••• Work has started at 77 Warren—which we had recently learned was getting a conversion—and it also got some marketing to go with it.

77 Warren


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