Brookfield Place: Who’ll Be Located Where

It’s like Christmas around here!

The very same day I posted the floor plans for the new-and-improved Brookfield Place, someone sent over an updated version with the tenants on it. I love readers! Of special note: Parm gets a prime spot on Vesey; Equinox is by the 1WTC corridor; and Olive’s and Tartinery are indeed in the “dining terrace.” Also: Looks like there’ll be valet parking on Vesey.

UPDATE: Blogger fail! I hadn’t even noticed that Theory, which shows up on this map, hadn’t been announced yet. It showed up in today’s New York Post.

Brookfield Place first floor with tenants

Brookfield Place second floor floor plan with tenants

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  1. I just hope that the Mall’s retail shops don’t take the entire supply of bare-minimum wage workers. I am going to need an army of said workers to swab the decks of my yacht, burnish its brass, and polish the menagerie of crystal goblets for my Cristal and Red Bull smoothies. I can’t set out for Los Hamptonos with my poop deck, looking all pooey.

  2. To JimSmithers

    The high cost of the retail in Brookfield is mean to keep you in shitty Tribeca

  3. Bank bonuses are up but nowhere near their highs. Plus, most of bankers working upstairs don’t have a whole lot of time to walk around looking at Theory blouses and Zegna ties downstairs. Battery Park City is a nice place to live but is not quite the abode of multiple mega-millionaires. Tourists are not going to be buying this stuff. And there will soon be competition from the rebuilt WTC mall across the highway and closer to major subway lines.

    Frankly I don’t see how the location will be able to support these types of stores for the long term. Anyone remember when Barney’s had a branch in the mall? Anyone remember when it closed? I predict 50% occupancy within 5 years of opening.

  4. I should have said retail specifically. The food places look like the same standardized hipster-lite fare that’s taking over Midtown and FiDi for work lunch. They should do fine.

  5. @Noah: I think you have to give BP some credit — even if Num Pang, Parm, Tartinery, Olive’s, and Umami Burger aren’t original to this location, they’re far more interesting than the choices might have been. As for the retail, while I’d love to see more independent boutiques, I wonder if they can afford the rent, and anyway, the target market might be tourists (especially foreign ones) visiting the World Trade Center.

  6. @Gregg – Thanks for clarifying the intent of the retail plan. But you didn’t have to be so “mean.” I’ll just have to get someone to row, row, row my yacht gently back to the shitty BPC marina. Harumph.

  7. Erik: Good point. We could have a Sbarro and KFC in there so thank God for small favors.

    There is a larger residential population in BPC, but there is no way one neighborhood (any one neighborhood) could support all that retail. It is all about the tourists (mostly foreign) spending money.

    I can already see the tourist buses double parked outside “Brookfield Place” now.

  8. @Erik: my snarky “hipster-lite” comment aside, I agree that these are good places to eat, and as I said I think they’ll thrive. And yes, better than what could have been (though I miss Custard Beach, don’t you?)

    Re retail: the rent is exactly the issue. You’re right, the only places who can make this kind of rent are the types of venues we’re seeing. My concern is that there isn’t going to be enough of that kind of business down there. Foreign tourists, maybe… believe me I do not want to see the place deserted again, but I really wonder if that will be enough.

  9. Neither Brookfield Properties nor WTC/Silverstein are considering the needs of the local residential population when it comes to marketing to retail companies. All of their information and targeted data is based on the “business people and tourists”. While there may be a slight nod to the residential population as the restaurants will be supported evenings and weekends by locals, residents are not their primary or even secondary market. We just happen to live next to the malls…

  10. If Brookfireld were thinking of we locals it would bring back the wonderful book store it once had.. One thing I do know from what the small mom and pops are telling me: landlords are giving fewer long-term leases (i.e 10 years). Nobody wants to invest everything they have into a five year commercial lease only to crash and burn when the landlord triples your rent just after your customers are getting to know you.

  11. The least-interesting lobby is ready to open. It’s the one on Vesey Street opposite the Mexican restaurant that hasn’t opened yet. The construction barricades were down last night and you can get an idea of the new look but there’s nothing there yet. According to the plan above, Parm will be off one side of it, and I guess it will somehow be connected inside to the rest of the new space, but previously it just went into the offices so I’ve never used that entrance. A worker told me the other day he thought it would open on Monday.

  12. So according to the map, the footprint of the Equinox looks pretty small (unless it extends into the unnamed space on the level above) I thought the original announcement said the Equinox would have river views. Maybe they were referring to the East River?