Brookfield Place: The Floor Plans

Just days after the future Pier 17’s floor plans and renderings fell into my lap, look what followed: The layout of the ground and second floors of Brookfield Place, as the World Financial Center is now known. Click to enlarge. (I circled a few of the restaurant storefronts, because they seem to be the likeliest ways most of us will interact with the mall.)

UPDATE: Skip to this post to see who’ll be where.

Brookfield Place first-floor floor plan Brookfield Place second-floor floor planMeanwhile, here’s a recap of what’s known to be opening in the new Brookfield Place—along with a few glimpses of exactly where they might be:


••• Le District, a a 25,000-square-foot French marketplace run by Peter Poulakakos of Harry’s Italian and Financier. “The marketplace will feature fresh and prepared foods, ranging from meat and produce to wine, coffee and pastries. There will be two restaurants: an outside seasonal space open around nine months of the year and another one ‘probably focusing on seafood.'” —New York Post

These are in the “dining terrace” on the second floor—judging from the floor plan, it’ll be like the food court downstairs at Grand Central Terminal:
••• Umami Burger, L.A. burger chain
••• Asian sandwich shop Num Pang
••• Little Muenster, which sells grilled cheese sandwiches
••• Dos Toros Taqueria of Brooklyn
••• Chop’t salad chain
••• Sprinkles, of the L.A. cupcake chain
••• Skinny Pizza, Long Island chain whose pizza has fewer carbs than normal pizza
••• Dig Inn, American prepared food

The New York Times said there was space for six more restaurants on the “dining terrace.” Three restaurants that have signed leases—perhaps on the terrace, perhaps not—are:
••• Olive’s, the Soho takeout restaurant
••• Nolita restaurant Tartinery
••• Mighty Quinn’s Barbeque, of the East Village

The terrace could also include some of the places that survived the putsch:
••• Starbucks
••• Financier
••• P.J. Clarke’s (which will presumably stay where it is, or else why the recent renovation?)
••• The Brookfield Place website says Devon & Blakely is still there, but I have it closing back in July. It also says Au Bon Pain is still open, but to be honest I can’t care enough to investigate.

One that sounds like it will not be on the terrace is:
••• Parm, Nolita Italian-American sandwich shop. “Unlike Mighty Quinn’s, Umami Burger, Dos Toros, and Num Pang, Parm BPC will be a full-service, sit-down restaurant.” —Eater


••• Burberry: “5,000 square feet of space in the Winter Garden; selling men’s and women’s fashion and accessories. —Racked
••• Hermès: “Just to the left of the new giant glass-boxed entry way off West Street as the escalators emerge upwards from the East-West Connector of the World Trade Center. […] According to floor plans, the store is one of the largest at 6,354 square feet, but no one would confirm the footage.” —New York Post
••• Menswear brand Ermenegildo Zegna: “3,550-square-foot deal for a two-story store that will feature a 40-foot-tall glass façade on the north side of a new glass-cube atrium entrance on West Street” —Commercial Observer
••• Michael Kors: “1,700-square-foot accessories shop.” —Racked
••• Scoop (no clue if it’s women’s fashion only or will include men’s)
••• Judith & Charles, women’s fashion
••• Calypso St. Barth: 1,400-square-foot store (could the W. Broadway one be in peril…?)
••• Salvatore Ferragamo, “4,200 square-foot boutique, where it will sell shoes, handbags, luggage, belts, fine jewelry, silks, perfumes and eyewear along with […] ready-to-wear fashion collections.” —New York Post

Update 12/11:
••• Theory: “2,480 square feet in the street-level courtyard.”
••• Eileen Fisher is said to be in the works.

••• Equinox: “35,000 square feet on the second and third floors of the complex […] to open in the fourth quarter of 2014. —Crain’s
••• Cooking school: “The Institute of Culinary Education […], scheduled to open in late 2014, will span 71,000 square feet across the 2nd and 3rd floors” —Commercial Observer
••• Child care: “Bright Horizons Family Solutions is shooting for mid-2014 to move into a two-story, 6,600-square-foot space at 200 Liberty St., between the West Side Highway and South End Street. The deal includes space on the ground and second floors.” —Crain’s

According to the Brookfield Place website, this will all be opening soon enough…

Brookfield Place timeline

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  1. Holy smokes.

  2. So Westchester Mall is moving to Mallhattan?


  3. There were 2 Devon and Blakley locations. The one on the north end, next to the American Express tower, closed. The one in what used to be the Dow Jones building (octagon) on Liberty Street is still open, next to Starbucks. Au Bon Pain is still open in that building, with an entrance on South End Avenue. There are other spaces at the far south end of that building, where Foxhounds was years ago. That space has been vacant ever since.

  4. Ew. Gross. Same old crap all over town. “Someone’s” idea of fancy is getting boring and they need to go back home and let us new yorkers make this city the interesting place it once was!