Tribeca’s Next Health Food Restaurant

Sun in BloomWhen Nish Nush‘s Eyal Hen said he was opening a restaurant in the old Mimi’s Café space at the southeast corner of Church and Reade, he didn’t say (until now) that he was a partner in the venture, and that it would be the second, first Manhattan outpost of Aimee Follette’s Park Slope favorite Sun in Bloom. The restaurant emphasizes healthfulness, serving gluten-free, vegan, and raw food. Reading the menu can be a trip: “Bella Divine Salad: Sultry smooth avocado, dulse and house made raw sauerkraut tossed in a kale salad massaged in LIVE sesame ginger dressing. Add quinoa $3. Spiced pumpkin seeds $2. In a sprouted wheat wrap $1.” The word is that the new location will be like the Brooklyn one, but with no (or limited) seating. Here are some photos of the Brooklyn restaurant, along with its menu and some photos of its food (from its Facebook page).

The forecast is that it’ll open in January.

Sun in Bloom Brooklyn facadeSun in Bloom Brooklyn counterSun in Bloom Brooklyn cornerSun in Bloom Brooklyn baked goodsSun in Bloom menu frontSun in Bloom menu back Sun in Bloom saladSun in Bloom food2Sun in Bloom food7Sun in Bloom food6

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  1. looks delish! thank you for putting it on our radar.

  2. Sun in Bloom is Awesome! One of the few places where EVERYONE eats, regardless of their dietary philosophy. Hope you love it as much as we Brooklynites do!