Seen & Heard: Flyover Video

••• Tony caught the F/A-18 Hornet fighter jet flyover on video. UPDATE: See the photo below that Ellen sent in.

••• From Pauline: “In the spirit of seasonal giving I thought people may want to know about this. I dropped off some trial hand creams/toiletries at the NYC Rescue Mission [at Lafayette and White], and learned they’re collecting men’s clothing, shoes, shampoo, and other things for the homeless if anyone wants to donate. They’re also adding more floors so soon for the first time they’ll
serve women and children as well.” Here’s a list of what they’re looking for, including an Amazon Wish List so you can donate something right now without even going outside.

••• Remember: New Amsterdam Market tomorrow (11 a.m. to 5 p.m.).

••• M. sent this in about China Blue: “As a longtime resident of NW Tribeca, I’ve been eager to try China Blue. Having read the soft opening comment, I walked over for a 7:30 pm res tonight expecting hiccups and fully prepared to be kind and gentle. Unlike Erik last night, I was seated. I almost wish I had not been. We, and every other table around us, failed to receive the food we ordered. We waited over two hours, patiently, gently, kindly. I was not even upset that not one person came to check on us, much less to fill our empty water glasses, while we waited. It was unlike anything I’ve ever seen…. Many tables of people just getting up and leaving because after being promised several times over several hours that someone would check on their orders, nothing (food nor hope) ever materialized. After two hours, it became clear to us and every table around us that they had no record of what we ordered and it would not be arriving any time soon, if ever. Waiters would just run the other way if we tried to inquire, and the staff essentially shrugged their shoulders. The only person who seemed to care was the bartender, who evidently could not tolerate watching this disaster unfold from behind the bar and started going around to tables. Here is a comment from the staff that sums it up: ‘It’s not our fault. Our computer system is breaking down.’ I will try this place again. I hope they can make it work.”

••• Note this comment from Hudson River about Brookfield Place: The entrance “on Vesey Street opposite the Mexican restaurant that hasn’t opened yet. The construction barricades were down last night and you can get an idea of the new look but there’s nothing there yet. […] I guess it will somehow be connected inside to the rest of the new space, but previously it just went into the offices so I’ve never used that entrance. A worker told me the other day he thought it would open on Monday.”

••• On Monday, January 13, there will be a community town hall about the South Street Seaport development plans. It’s 6-8 p.m. at Pace University (1 Pace Plaza, B-level–Student Union).

FA-18 flyover by Ellen

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  1. Two Yelp reviews on the same day 5 Stars after reading what I believe to be some very true experiences is just so suspect.

  2. Almost sounds like China Blue might be some sort of prank. Look for cameras if you go.