Juice Press Is Planning a Second Tribeca Location

courtesy Juice PressA lot of people are excited about Juice Press opening its first Tribeca shop at 415 Greenwich, at the northeast corner of Laight (on the same block as the new Flywheel Sports). Juice Press itself is excited—just read the description recently added to its website: “imagine juice press but even better than all juice presses. we’re competing with ourselves by building a better version with more food and more juice than ever before. juice tribeca will feature walnut wood, stainless steel and gorgeous marble. this unit will be our first soup kitchen, salad prep, and have plenty of comfortable seats. just you wait!”

Jonathan emailed to ask if I knew when it was planning on opening, and the PR rep told me February. But Jonathan—good eye!—also noticed that the Juice Press website listed a second Tribeca location as in the works. (“Hopefully it will be in East Tribeca on Church or Broadway,” he wrote.) I reached out again to the PR rep, and as I was waiting to hear back, the description online was given the appellation “tribeca freedom tower”—making it appear to be in south Tribeca—along with this: “this is nuts. this undisclosed bunker is being built to feed 10,000 people a day. 10,001 sorry call the corner deli, they deliver too.” Then the PR rep came through with a big clue: It’ll be on Murray Street, so I walked the length of the street. The first available/possible spot was 20 Murray (between Church and Broadway):

20 MurrayThe second was 67 Murray, which we just learned that Lily O’Brien’s is vacating because of a rent increase:

Lily OBriensOf course there’s always the possibility that it’s taking over where something is already in business—such as the Corner Gourmet II deli at W. Broadway and Murray (that line about the corner deli made me wonder…).

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