CB1 Tribeca Committee: The Unofficial Minutes (December)

As we know, the Flea Theater is moving from White Street to 20 Thomas, where it’s adding a floor and “roofing the basement” so there’ll be a garden—not entirely sure how that all works but look at the pretty cross-section rendering. (I hadn’t realized they were bascially ditching the existing building, pictured above…. I’d like to a better view of the massive “Flea” branding….) One of the theater spaces can be made indoor/outdoor, and it’ll also be considered a “community space,” where they might have yoga, mommy-and-me classes, a summer camp, etc.

Lily O’Brien’s is a pub currently at 67 Murray, on the north side of the street, just west of Greenwich. Its liquor license allows it to close at 4 a.m. The building is being sold, and the new owner wants to double the rent, so Lily’s—I think we can call it that—is moving into the old Taj Tribeca space at 18 Murray, between Broadway and Church (a block somewhat saturated with bars). The bar’s current owner is handing it off to two folks who have been running it for years. The question is whether the new location should get a 4 a.m. license—unthinkable for any new applicant on a side street these days—and whether the Tribeca Committee should be considering it at all. The north side of Murray is in CB1’s Tribeca Committee; the south is in CB1’s Financial District Committee—but the FiDi Committee already had its meeting, and this was evidently enough of an emergency that it had to be bumped over to the Tribeca Committee. (The matter wasn’t even on the agenda posted online when I looked yesterday afternoon.) The folks from Lily’s were nice, saying they didn’t really expect 4 a.m., and one Murray resident said that the pub had grown much better over the years and wasn’t a problem anymore, while another resident pointed out that the bar’s new block is almost entirely residential, unlike the current one. (And who knows what the other folks on that block would think, given the negligible notice that this would be discussed?) The owners said they would be fine with 1 a.m. Sunday through Thursday and 2 a.m. on Friday and Saturday. Vote: 6-0. UPDATE: Do read jfrankp’s comment, below.

I’ll cover this in a subsequent post. Stay tuned….

The Red Hook bakery is taking over the ground floor and basement of 279 Church, where the Harmony Theatre (a burlesque joint) was back in the day. The restaurant will have just six tables and 50 seats; the menu presented (that’s it below) skips over the savory stuff, which one imagines will be where the beer and wine come in. The committee was really into it, helped in good part by the fact that Baked will stop serving alcohol at 11 p.m. The owners are hoping for a spring opening. Vote: 8-0.

Baked menuBaked first floor Baked basementSIDEWALK-CAFÉ LICENSE: TERRA (222 W. BROADWAY)
Terra is the new Italian restaurant where Franklin Station Café used to be—and after that, a string of short-lived, unmemorable restaurants—at the corner of W. Broadway and Franklin. (It seems to be doing very well, no?) The sidewalk café will have two rows of tables along the W. Broadway side; one row will be on the two-step ledge; one will be on the sidewalk. The committee was concerned about using sidewalk (vs. just the ledge), but the measurements show there’s room to have it all be to code. Vote: 8-0.

No changes. Vote: 8-0.

The event will be the same as in past years; it’ll be on May 17. Vote: 8-0.

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  1. The Taj Tribeca space may be closed to anybody for a while – the ridiculous skyscraper going up next door is destroying 18 Murray, such that last week Taj was spraypainted with condemned-looking symbols, and tenants were told to (temporarily?) vacate because a piece of the facade fell off. Some have left semi-permanently. Inside, for months now, door frames have warped, there are elevator problems, new cracks in walls, etc. They ought to get legal rep now & ask for a buyout. I sure hope they’re not paying rent anymore.