Seen & Heard: What 465 Washington’s Expansion Will Look Like

FA-18 flyover by Matt••• One more F/A-18 flyover photo—this one from Matt, who took it from his Battery Park City roof. Click on it. You can see the pilots!

••• Good news: Josephine has reopened.

••• From Matt Bernson: “We made a pendant and a ring in the shape of Tribeca’s boundaries. $10 from the sale of each go to P.S. 89, 150, and 234.”

••• Friday is the last day for Box Kite Coffee’s pop-up at Maslow 6 Wine Bar. Good for them—their St. Mark’s café is opening imminently—but not so good for us.

••• January 14: “Pen Parentis welcomes the New Year with an intimate and lively evening of poetry and conversation, featuring five acclaimed poets: James Arthur, Timothy Donnelly, Miranda Field, Lynn Melnick, and KC Trommer. Each author will read from their work and then talk about their writing and parenting lives in an informal roundtable.”

••• I asked Lenny’s when it’s Park Place outpost would open: “We were in a rush to open our 10 Hanover Sq. location (114 Pearl St.) in FiDi—opened TODAY! Park Place is next, in January.” (Today = yesterday in this case.)

••• Remember the plans to double 465 Washington, from five floors to ten? Someone sent in elevations.

465 Washington elevation1465 Washington elevation2

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  1. Fabulous photo! Thanks, Matt

  2. Awesome photo!!!

  3. Hey Matt Bernson – kids inside that pendant/ring are also zoned for PS 397 …

  4. and ps 289 is a BPC school. There are also a bunch of kids from tribeca who attend 276.

  5. Hey Matt, you can’t please every parent any of the time. So keep your profits and throw a blowout holiday party at the shop. Please leave the kids, any SoulCycle logo-ed merch and puffy black jackets at the door.

  6. Way to make someone feel bad for doing something nice. Thank you Matt Bernson for supporting any of our kids. Hope you have a wonderful Holiday Season!