Big Plans for 465 Washington

465 WashingtonA tipster sent in word that 465 Washington—the five-story building directly south of the newish 471 Washington (at Canal)—is getting a gut renovation and a five-story addition. (The project manager sent a letter to the building to the south, delicately pointing out that the lot-line windows would have to be sealed up.) A permit for the demo is on the Department of Buildings website, but there’s nothing yet about the addition.

This continues the trend of upper Washington Street getting developed, from the aforementioned 471 Washington to 460 Washington across the street, to 449 Washington, to the various Ponte-related possibilities (between Watts and Desbrosses and between Debrosses and Vestry).

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  1. Do you know what is being constructed right above Canal St between Varick and 6th Ave? It looks like a huge tent/sound stage. I walked by on Friday when they started putting it up. I asked what it was and the man who appeared to be head of security said he didn’t know. He said they were simply putting together what they were told to build.

  2. @Tribeca Resident: It appears to be for a de Blasio “transition” event where people can come and weigh in about the future of the city: