New Kid on the Block: Harley-Davidson of NYC

Harley-Davidson of NYC liftThe huge new Harley-Davidson of NYC flagship showroom/store took vision: Architect Sean Karns of Jordan Parnass Digital Architecture has blown out the old David Z. shoe store, adding mega windows along Broadway and White, a motorcycle lift (pictured above) that runs between the ground floor and the floor below, a dramatic elevator/stairwell in the center (note the very Tribeca vault lights in the stairs), and a coffee bar serving La Colombe up in front. The total space is 17,000 square feet, and yet it almost feels bigger.

There’s another Harley-Davidson of NYC showroom in Long Island City, but there hasn’t been one in Manhattan for quite some time, when someone other than Avi Jacobi owned the dealership. While this showroom is definitely about the bikes—including ones available nowhere else, and you can “design your own” on touch-screen kiosks—it’s also about Harley merchandise, from helmets to jackets to T-shirts to accessories to teddy bears. Even bikers need a cuddle now and then.

Harley-Davidson of NYC is at 374-378 Broadway (at White), 212-233-4369;

Harley-Davidson of NYC facadeHarley-Davidson of NYC crosswalkHarley-Davidson of NYC lift2Harley-Davidson of NYC coffee barHarley-Davidson of NYC Leather LoungeHarley-Davidson of NYC beltHarley-Davidson of NYC flag videoHarley-Davidson of NYC TshirtsHarley-Davidson of NYC stairwellHarley-Davidson of NYC lower level2Harley-Davidson of NYC helmetsHarley-Davidson of NYC clothing downstairsHarley-Davidson of NYC lower level1Harley-Davidson of NYC teddy bearRecent New Kid on the Block/First Impressions articles:
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