Seen & Heard: Pop-Up Gallery on Warren

15_WARREN_FLYER••• A gallery called Fifteen Warren is popping up at 15 Warren, which as you can tell from the flyer above, is the old World of Suits space: “Three young artists from Lower Manhattan—Abeline Cohen, Andrew Kass and Sean Vegezzi—have curated an exhibition that represents perspectives not often championed by the art world, presented in a disused retail space that still holds vestiges of its history. On December 28, paintings, installations, photographs, videos, sculptures and live performances will be on display for one week before the interior is demolished and becomes corporate office space.”

••• The word is that Sun in Bloom, the vegan, gluten-free takeouteria coming to at Church and Reade, will open its doors on Saturday, Jan. 11.

••• Last week’s Where in Tribeca…? was a stumper; the answer has (finally) been posted.

••• This tweet indicated that a Bullett store is opening in Tribeca. According to its Facebook page, “BULLETT Media is a print and interactive ‘transmedia’ company that curates avant-garde fashion, art, film and music for young, international, trend conscious influencers. Its flagship medium, BULLETT Magazine, an art and fashion quarterly, launched in winter 2010 and is currently available in twelve countries.” I asked where and all I got back was that’s close to Soho. UPDATE: A second tweet came in and it looks like the store will be on Walker.

tweet BullettBullett tweet 2

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  1. re the “gallery” at 15 Warren: whatever’s happening there, it’s leaving tons of garbage, bottles, cigarette butts, and new graffiti scrawled all over. It’s a mess and Cohen should get on top of it pronto. Right now he’s just posting the emails from the residents on the “gallery” website. Trying to be cheeky but it’s actually pretty annoying.

  2. @hst: Wow, posting the email exchange with the neighbors (on is exceedingly poor sportsmanship.

  3. @hst: As of yesterday…The graffiti has been cleaned. The garbage is all gone.

    Michel Cohen is not in charge of the website.. the kids who were given the space are.

  4. Reading the complaints from the building’s residents regarding the very cool, creative and well organized gallery show organized by “kids” who can truly call Tribeca their backyard, reminds me of why I often feel that I am living in Triburia vs. Tribeca.

  5. But does Michel Cohen have control over the kid with the same last name who has been given the space or is that just a coincidence?