In the News: Warren Street Lawsuit

••• Well + Good has the recipe for Mulberry & Vine‘s popular herbazone bars.

••• Manhattan Loft Guy analyzes a sale at 109 Reade.

••• I always enjoy Eater’s year-end surveys, and this time, for reasons only they know, they included me.

••• “Developer DDG has run into a problem building its 12-story residential project at 12-14 Warren Street. The condominium board and sponsor of the Tribeca Townhomes next door [at left in the photo] have failed to give the developer access to the building as promised, according to a new lawsuit. DDG said that it had previously acquired the air rights from Tribeca Townhomes, developed by A2 Investment Group at 16 Warren Street, enabling it to build on the adjacent lot. But now, Tribeca Townhomes has declined to honor a $1.1 million agreement to let DDG’s contractors to erect scaffolding and put up other protection equipment at the property, the developer claims.” —The Real Deal

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  1. I’m sure Tribeca Townhomes wasnt planning on the PH taking 5+ years to sell. This construction is really going to dampen that…

  2. Bad link above to your Eater ode to the WV (not Tribeca???) – should be this:

  3. @Strollerless: Thanks, yes, that link was wrong (I just fixed it). If you go to this link you’ll see the full series: