In the News: Tribeca Girl Guns for SeaWorld Again

••• That great old parking garage on Fulton is toast: “The Brauser Group is erecting a new building at one of its parking properties in the Financial District. A 23-story mixed-use development will rise at 54 Fulton Street, on the corner of Cliff Street, according to a plan exam application [….] The architect of record is Goldstein, Hill & West. The 120-unit building will measure a total of 101,736 square feet. The project includes storage, bike storage, a gym, first-floor retail, a lounge and a game room on the 23rd floor.” —BuzzBuzzHome

••• The New York Times says that Telepan Local officially opens Thursday.

••• “All fifteen New York City locations of the Wichcraft sandwich chain, along with its lone San Francisco outlet, were the target of a security breach that allowed criminals to access credit card data for purchases made between August 11, 2013, and October 2, 2013. Those dates are not exact, the company notes in a statement posted online, and it’s possible that not only was information stolen, but, in some cases, ‘wichcraft president Jeffrey Zurofsky warns, cardholder names, account numbers, security codes, and expiration dates were stolen, too.” —Grub Street

••• Khe-Yo appears to be serving its sandwiches inside until the Khe-Yosk reopens come spring. —Wall Street Journal

••• Seaport restaurant Nelson Blue “is ringing in 2014 with a bash to celebrate its reopening, 14 months after Hurricane Sandy.” —DNAinfo

••• Press release from PETA: “She jumped over the barricade at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and calmly stood in front of the SeaWorld float with a sign that read, ‘Boycott SeaWorld’— and now, 12-year-old Tribeca Resident Rose McCoy is ready to speak out again at the Rose Parade on January 1 and show her disgust for SeaWorld’s abuse of sensitive marine mammals. Rose, who is available for interviews, will fly […] to Los Angeles to join PETA in a protest against SeaWorld’s Rose Parade float, which depicts free-living orcas frolicking in the open sea—something that the orcas who are confined to SeaWorld’s tiny barren concrete tanks will never experience.”

••• Joy Gryson is “on the hunt for its third local store. The new unit, which they hope to open in the next 24 months, will be in Manhattan. The brand is looking at Nolita, Bleecker Street, and the Upper East and West Sides.” —Racked

••• The New York Times reviews new Soho restaurant Korchma Taras Bulba (the place where costumed employees have been made to stand outside).

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  1. In 2013, FiDi has seen the following residential projects announced, begun or opened: 113 Nassau (rental office now open), 115 Nassau (40 Story Condo, 90 units), 50 West Street (65 Story Condo), Woolworth Tower (Condo – 40 homes), 140 West Street (Condos), 120 Fulton (59 Stories, 450 units), 22 Thames (85 stories, 450 units), 70 Pine (800+ rentals), 30 Park Place Ritz Carlton (151 Condos), 101 Murray Street (Condos, Unknown # of units), 110 Wall Street (micro rentals, 74 Trinity (Condos). More are bound to be announced as the following sites are awaiting announcements: 45 Broad, 111 Washington, 42 Trinity (Syms), 80 South Street (1,000 foot Condo/Hotel likely), 151 Maiden Lane, and the possible conversion of the Bank of New York Tower at 1 Wall Street and 180 Water Street @ John Street. Of course, others not on the radar will be announced in 2014.

  2. Someone should let the NYC department of education know! ;)

  3. The DOE knows as does City Hall, but they just don’t care.

    Real estate developers run the city, not the mayor. Other politicians fall into line according to what the RE developers want to do and just give lip service to the community about how hard they working to start new schools. I am talking to you Sheldon Silver, Margaret Chin, and Catherine McVay Hughes.

    Bloomberg never met a RE developer he didn’t love. Perhaps it will be different with DeBlasio, although I am not holding my breath.

  4. Forget the schools, is there enough fire houses to cover all of these new buildings & population growth? Does the FDNY need to buy more dalmatians? Or just longer ladders and hoses?

  5. Rose McCoy needs to get a life. The adults should stop throwing her into their own issues.

  6. You need to get a life, Linda Smith. Try not to be so self-absorbed and try to learn from someone like Rose who is doing something meaningful with her life at such an early age.

  7. @Linda: I think she’s awesome.

  8. @Linda: her parents have her doing this for school admissions. Pretty bad for the little girl.

  9. She jumped over the barricade and calmly stood in front and off to the side of the SeaWorld float and a security guard pushed her way within seconds and the float kept moving along without hesitation. Hardly a Tiananmen Square or Thich Quang Duc moment, but very, very close in the media’s eyes.

  10. @Linda, the poor child is being used like a pawn. To me that is the real crime let your children be children and make their own decisions ones that are hopefully educated. As for Peta they are turning into a terrorist organization that is using false information to get money and publicity. If they want to do real good for animals stop the oil leaking into the oceans, the trash island and the radioactive waste from Japan. The whales are safer in captivity than in the oceans at this point.

  11. My daughter Daisy (234 kid) will be holding a bake sale on the street in the spring to benefit two endangered animals (Javan Rhino and Amur leopard). She’s 8 years old and been planning for over a month- no prompting by me. (She was inspired by watching her brother raise money for Haiti). She may make only 20 bucks but as a parent I appreciate this empowerment kids are feeling around here that tells them they can and should do things to solve big problems in the world! School applications? Give me a break. This extends way farther- How about Life applications?

  12. Planning a bake sale for over a month? That is one complex recipe. Pre-heat oven, mix ingredients, put aforementioned ingredients in pre-heated oven, set your timer, take out, allow to cool, set-up table, sell product. Remember, Daisy, you’ll need a sidewalk permit and please remember to pay all applicable taxes & fees on your business and its profits. Or did you already set-up a non-profit? I can’t believe Tribeca children (precious angels) are now required to fill out Life applications. It’s getting way too competitive for our children. Just 20 bucks of profit for over a month’s worth of planning? Nichole, you really need to teach Daisy to be more efficient, more productive and that time is money. Do you know how many rhinos & leopards can go extinct during a month of over-planning the perfect cupcake recipe?

  13. @Jim Smithers – you’re right. It might be more interesting to teach our children to ditch contributions to society and work on minimizing others to become the most visible poster on a neighborhood blog, Aim high, children.

  14. Yes, that’s the takeaway children – you can only be great at one thing in life. Choose wisely. I did.

  15. You’re not that great Jim.

  16. Stop minimizing me, IF. Did you not read UrbanMom’s parent lesson of the day? Aim higher.

  17. @Nichole Whiting.
    Good job. It is great your supporting your child on a project she decided to do on her own. Our world has turned into a horrible place when children needs to get permits to do something good. It is also horrible that people criticize something that would benefit the world. My only suggestion is for you to do your research and find the best company to donate that money too. Make sure its one that will actually benefit the animals she is targeting and not fatten their own pockets.

  18. Jim….yes you are!