Seen & Heard: Probation Office Lawsuit Update

••• At last night’s CB1 FiDi Committee meeting, John Street resident Patrick Kennell—a lawyer fighting the city’s plan to move a probation office from 346 Broadway to 66 John—said that the presiding judge was going to announce a decision today. Kennell just emailed the news: “Temporary restraining order is denied. A one page decision saying we have not demonstrated a likelihood of success on the merits. City to serve an answer to our petition on or before Jan 14.” UPDATE: I misunderstood that last sentence, I guess, because the Tribeca Trib‘s article includes this: “‘We’re disappointed, obviously, and we’re reviewing our options at this point,’ Kennell said in a phone interview, indicating that his group plans to appeal the court’s decision. ‘We’re hopeful that the city will do the same, and that they will come to their senses with the new administration and reverse this really ill-conceived move.'”

••• Also at last night’s CB1 FiDi meeting: The committee approved a cabaret (dancing) license for Remix, because the bar-and-now-club has closed its Murray Street entrance—the main one is on Park Place—and no one who lives nearby had any complaints. (I suggested that they approve it only for weekends, but evidently the city doesn’t do that. Er, maybe it should?) I found it somewhat disconcerting that during the discussion about Exponents, many committee members complained that people who aren’t from around here don’t understand how residential the neighborhood has become—and then they went and approved a cabaret license (with 4 a.m. liquor license on weekends) right in the middle of it. Anyway, it should prove a nice contrast to the massive Four Seasons hotel and condos going up across the street.

••• Last CB1 FiDi update in this post, I promise: The city is moving its NYC Business Link office from W. 34th St. to 123 William: “For employers, our NYC Business Link team will recruit, pre-screen, and refer candidates for your available job openings, based on your requirements. We will also pre-qualify you for Employer Incentive Plus, a wage-subsidy program. For clients receiving government assistance including temporary cash, food stamps or housing assistance, we can help you with a listing of jobs in an area or field that you are interested in working.” CB1 expects to get a full presentation about it.

••• I posted the answer to last week’s Where in Tribeca…?

••• Racines NY, the Parisian restaurant and wine bar opening on Chambers, put a sign in its window saying it’ll open next month.

••• Unique Shape Eyebrow Threading Salon on Church is closed for renovations; in the meantime, it has set up shop at 27 Park Place.

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  1. Terrible news about Remix! The place just wont go away. Its only a matter of time before the Police are called due to a terrible incident.

    PS My prediction is that the entire building needs to be sold before Remix is finally GONE for good!