Seen & Heard: Deli Closed

iced Hudson••• Thanks to @sarawinsor @erinfaherty for sending this photo of the Hudson icing over—it puts Milo Hess’s photos in context. (Apologies to both for screwing up the credit!)

••• Another January casualty: The Church Street deli known as Canyon Ridge, which opened just five months ago, appears to have closed.

••• I can’t be the only one depressed by all the discarded Christmas trees. Do something good with yours! “Please join Friends of Bogardus Garden for the 3rd annual Mulchfest, January 11 and 12 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.! Don’t just toss your beloved and over-priced NYC Christmas tree on the curb… bring it to Bogardus Garden to be treecycled by the NYC Department of Parks!”

••• Anyone know what’s going on at 64 N. Moore? That paper is new. Could this be Exceed Physical Culture? It certainly is central Tribeca. Then again, that’s an old building for what would presumably be a tenant with lots of amplified motivation—as the folks above Flywheel can tell you. More on that brouhaha in the forthcoming CB1 Tribeca Unofficial Minutes….

••• Vegan and gluten-free restaurant Sun in Bloom isn’t opening this Saturday after all—more like a week and a half later. (It’s diagonally across from Nish Nush.)

••• And thanks to C. for the news that work has begun at the Denny’s at 150 Nassau. I want to brush my teeth just thinking about it.

Dennys work

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  1. Just an FYI that wasn’t my pic, but it’s very cool! Just don’t want to take undue pic credit :)

  2. Friends of Bogardus Garden should have done a better job at getting the word out. First I saw of it (here) was the day after we threw out our tree – and we were the last ones in our building to do so!