Seen & Heard: More Wailing from 1 World Trade

••• “It’s 4:50 a.m. and 1 World Trade is making so much noise I can’t sleep,” emailed Kenny Cummings. “Don’t think it’s anything to post, but more just further evidence that this happens and may bother some folks. It’s very loud this time.” I obviously disagreed about whether it was postable, because as I walked over to Asphalt Green this morning around 7 a.m., I heard it loud and clear. Personally, I don’t find it eerie, but if it keeps up it could get annoying. (Kenny later sent a daylight version, too.)

••• Joseph Barretto sent over photos of the Grand Hall at 25 Broadway, which he toured as part of Open House New York back in 2008. (Cipriani is converting it to an event space; click that link to see them all.)

••• It was only a question of time, and I can’t say I was a customer there, but I was still sorry to see that the New York Nautical shop at 154-156 Duane is on the market. Let’s hope something good takes the space, with is 3,550 square feet total—there’s a lower level.

••• Barry’s Bootcamp now has a studio in Miami Beach.

••• From Dianne Talan, who created the artworks on the Chambers Street construction fencing: “I have been creating panels for a dig on Broadway. The site is from Trinity Church and will run to St Paul’s Chapel. If you go to my website you will see in a video that the first panel is a map of lower Manhattan circa 1600’s titled ‘What the Dutch Found.'”

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  1. The WTC wailing was also very loud on lower West Broadway too. No matter whether it’s eerie, it’s noise pollution that’s very audible inside my apartment. I wonder what would happen if I called 311 to file a noise complaint?