Seen & Heard: “The 9/11 Theatrical Experience”

Bikeman••• At the Tribeca Meet & Greet last night, I had an interesting chat with Bill Brown, producer of Bikeman: The 9/11 Theatrical Experience, based on Thomas F. Flynn’s memoir and opening at the BMCC Tribeca Performing Arts Center on Jan. 26. Tickets here.

••• “Fulton exit on John through Corbin Building open! Progress!” tweeted M.M. De Voe of Pen Parentis.

••• Has Benvenuto always been open 24 hours? It is now, as you can tell from the bright neon sign above the door.

••• Tribeca Treats is once again gearing up for its Super Bowl forecast: For six years in a row, the team whose cookies have sold more has gone on to win the big game.

••• Did we know what 15 Renwick will look like? I walked by last night and saw that the DOB-mandated sign including one of those vague schematic drawings, which is frustrating because a rendering does exist—it was released to BuzzBuzzHome last March.

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  1. On the Fulton Center exit through the Corbin building, why are there two blacked out spots on the list of subway lines, do you think? Are they planning to have two other lines stop there, do you know?