Instagram Tribeca (Vol. 12)

Drift over the photo to see the user’s name. If you took one of these and you don’t want it to run here, please just say so and I’ll remove it. (P.S. As you can see, many of these date from warmer days.)

UPDATE: An Instagram photographer complained, so I deleted her photo (as she requested) and went back and added links from each photo to either an Instagram profile page or, if that didn’t seem to exist, a Twitter account. The reason I had never done it before was because I always thought it somewhat unlikely anyone would care enough to find out more from each photographer—and I say that as someone who loves great photos!—and also because if you really cared, you could Google the photographer’s user name. But maybe that was just laziness in disguise. I genuinely haven’t mean to offend anyone.

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  1. Please take down all my TriBeCa pictures immediately.
    This is wrong on so many different levels.
    I have to express to stop you from stealing my pics by leaving a comment like this.
    You should understand your post does not direct to any of my web content and you are not running a pinterest board.

  2. @Lenallure: Done. And I’m only aware of this one image; if you’re aware of others, please let me know.

  3. Thanks for updating. I hope you do the same for the other 11 articles of the same series.
    Again, it is not my duty to inform you that you stole my pics not to mention other people’s. It is YOU who should be reviewing this since now you’re aware that an issue has been raised.
    Thank you.