Seen & Heard: Leonard Street Closure

••• “On the Fulton Center exit through the Corbin Building, why are there two blacked out spots on the list of subway lines, do you think?” asked Annika. “Are they planning to have two other lines stop there, do you know?” This page says there’ll be “seamless transfer for approximately 300,000 passengers of the A, C, J, Z, 2, 3, 4, 5, and R lines with improved access to the E and 1 lines.” So I was thinking the first blacked out spot was a 1, and the second was an E, but then wouldn’t the E be over by the A and C? So maybe the last one is an R? But then where’s the E? I’ve asked the MTA…. UPDATE: “I was informed that it’s a work in progress,” responded the MTA rep. “The sign is still being worked on.” Er, thanks.

••• From the LMCCC: “As part of the Hudson Street Trunk Main project, Leonard Street between Hudson and Varick will be fully closed starting approximately Friday, January 24th through approximately late March 2014. The closure allows city DDC crews to complete water-main installation, and Con Ed crews to complete additional utility work under the roadbed.”

••• Also from the LMCCC: “The city DOT plans to reconstruct Trinity Place between Rector and Liberty Streets starting January 13th; crews will form a work zone on the west side of the roadway for the next several months, while maintaining two moving-traffic lanes. Work includes installation of a concrete median on Trinity Place as part of the WTC campus-security program.”

••• I just learned that the upstairs restaurant in All Good Things is called Le Cafe.

All Good Things upstairs restaurant area 81913

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  1. The “1” is probably blocked out because the WTC #1 station that will tie into it is still closed. Which begs the question: does anyone know when that will be opening? It’s only been closed like 13 years.

  2. It will open when the WTC PATH station and Shopping Centerl open in 2015.

  3. Does that mean the station entrances will be moved to the transportation hub? IIRC there were 2 entrances, one on the north across from the end of West Broadway and one that was in the concourse just east of he south tower. That one would now be in the area where the memorial is, I guess.