Where’s Auto Correct When You Need It?

Heaven knows I’m not adept in any language but English, and obviously not everyone has been fortunate to have much of an education. So I offer this not in a spirit of meanness—after all, it’s not as if I haven’t made a boolper or two—but in a spirit of let’s all just laugh as much as we can. (Extra points for when a business misspells its own name!)

blgd custodian 1813panko crustud zutto 41813frankly wines scothcome insile 4913ruebenNew Clina Redzutto eary dinner 1313sophies ground bew 42513Previously in this series:
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  1. And here are two for you:


    (I shudder to think what they put in those. West side of Church betw. Thomas and Duane.)


    (Rather more knowing, and technically not Tribeca – B’way just above Canal.)