In the News: SkyWing Tower Not Happening at 101 Murray

101murray2••• Downtown Express says that SkyWing Tower thing isn’t happening at 101 Murray: “Coop Himmelb(l)au, the Austrian architectural firm, who designed that rendering, has absolutely no connection to that development site, according to a spokesperson for Fisher Brothers.”

••• Barbara Stratton, owner of Café Clementine (f.k.a. Columbine), is so ticked off by the Department of Health’s B rating that she posted the violations in the window along with a note headlined “HOW DO YOU SPELL EXTORTION”? —Tribeca Trib

••• “Man Who Refuses to Pay Prostitute Gets Wallet and iPhone Stolen” at the Millenium Hilton (although he met her at the Standard in the Meatpacking District). Also in DNAinfo‘s police blotter: Lots of locker break-ins at the Planet Fitness at 25 Broadway. PEOPLE! I’m telling you: Those rounded Master combination locks are not good enough.

••• Trinity Boxing Club on lower Greenwich “is facing eviction by a scheming landlord, the club owner claims in a new lawsuit.” —New York Post

••• There’s a ferry you can take if you want to get to Jersey City—or more likely, out of it—while the PATH train is down on weekends. —Broadsheet

••• The New York Times reviews Bikeman: A 9/11 Play at the BMCC Tribeca Performing Arts Center.

••• “It looks like ramen guru Keizo Shimamoto is planning a new venture in the Financial District” at 100 Maiden Lane. —Eater