New Kid on the Block: The Bullett Shop

Bullett facadeBullett has a lot going on: It’s a print magazine that went 100% digital last fall; it’s also a creative agency (i.e., making ads), and it has had an online retail site for the past two years. Now it has moved into 47 Walker, with offices downstairs and a brick-and-mortar store at street-level called The Bullett Shop. Technically, the shop is a pop-up, guaranteed to be around till August; beyond that, they’re keeping their options open.

“We have an uptown-meets-downtown aesthetic,” says project manager Busra Erkara, “and a really young audience that’s up-to-date with trends. The idea is to create a platform where the audience can purchase what they see in the magazine.” The shop carries women’s and men’s fashion—new and vintage, with an emphasis on up-and-coming designers—as well as all sorts of intriguing merchandise, including a wall of magazines that’s edgier than the one over at the Smile Newsstand at Shinola. “We try to have a mix of price points, with more affordable options for people in their 20s,” says Erkara.

The Bullett Shop is at 47 Walker (between Church and Broadway),

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