New Kid on the Block: Sun In Bloom

Sun in Bloom counter2“Four years ago, when I was opening the first Sun In Bloom in Park Slope, I did a vision board,” says Aimee Follette, sitting in her new Tribeca outpost, at Church and Reade, where Mimi’s was. “And this is exactly what the vision board looked like.” The ground floor is only 450 square feet, but it feels substantial, with 15-foot ceilings, two walls of windows, a reclaimed-wood bar that seats four, marble countertops, and a floor of beautiful Italian tile—each “plank” was individually imprinted with a piece of wood.

Downstairs, says Follette, is a big kitchen: “We’re handcrafting in small batches throughout the day. When people create food with their hands, that energy goes into the food.” Nearly everything is vegan and gluten-free, and most is raw or “living.” As she explains, “It’s made with seeds that are soaked, germinated, and sprouted, bringing that life force energy into the food. It’s a catalyst to produce enzymes that help food digest. This is also clean food, whole food, alkaline food, with anti-aging and anti-inflammatory components.” She pauses. “Other than the sweet treats, that is….”

When Follette learned she had celiac disease, and had to avoid gluten, she “went 100% raw” for a couple years and felt worlds better. But something was missing—so she developed a popular line of gluten-free baked goods. “It’s all about balance. Sun In Bloom invites people into a lifestyle of balance, recognizing the power of food to heal the body, the connection between food and thought. Our slogan is ‘Food for happy thought.’ If you’re nourishing your body, you’re nourishing your thoughts.”

While the original Sun In Bloom has plenty of seating, the new one is mainly takeaway, whether it’s sandwiches from the refrigerated case, food from the hot bar (served in miso soup or on a bed of kale salad), or soup, smoothies, or coffee. (The choice of milks is impressive: half and half, whole, skim, soy, almond, and hand-crafted cashew.) There are also bottled juices and, of course, those baked goods. Follette says she’s planning to offer delivery.

Sun In Bloom is at 165 Church (at Reade), 212-791-6700;

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  1. Those gluten free baked goods must taste yummy

  2. The vegan “BLT” wrap is sooooo good; I can’t stop thinking about it! I’m so happy they opened in Tribeca!

  3. just wondering how tasty can a BLT be in february ? winter tomatoes are pretty mealy I would say…