Nosy Neighbor: Is 37 Warren’s Sidewalk Shed Ever Coming Down?

Our windows have been obstructed by the sidewalk shed accompanying the construction of the neighboring building (37 Warren), which is concluded now and has been for quite some time. I do not believe I am exaggerating to say that it has been up for more than two years! I was advised last July by the on site manager at 37 Warren that the scaffolding would be down by September 2013—but it is still up. I’ve asked my building’s management to get an answer but they have not been forthcoming. I’ve made complaints to 311. I wonder if you have access to any information about the scaffolding or if you could direct me to the proper agency to complain to? —L.

“The sponsor doesn’t wish to comment right now,” was the response from a rep for 37 Warren. It never ceases to amaze when a business—in this case, Bazbaz Development—passes on an opportunity to be communicative when it’s inconveniencing someone. “We’re so sorry,” it could so easily say. “We’re waiting on a part [or whatever], so it just doesn’t make sense to take the shed down yet. We know it’s an inconvenience for you, and we’re doing our best to move it along as best we can.” That’s what I’d do, anyway. And yes, it has been at least two years. UPDATE 3/6: See Julie’s comment below that work on the roof is not yet completed.

So, unfortunately, we have to assume that the shed isn’t coming down soon.

What can you do? If the Department of Buildings gave a hoot about sidewalk sheds, the one that has been around its building (280 Broadway) for something like a decade would’ve been long gone by now. And I imagine that Bazbaz is well within its rights to keep the shed up, as long as the permits are in order. Still, have you tried reaching out to the company? There’s an email ( and a phone (212-537-5897) on its website; in my experience, emails to general mailboxes are more easily ignored, so I’d try calling first, asking for whoever is in charge of 37 Warren. Obviously, there’s power in numbers, so if anyone else is being aggravated—perhaps over on the Warren side?—you’d do well to gang up. Don’t assume the company will know what you’re talking about; feel free to send my photo—and, better yet, one from inside your apartment, showing your blocked windows.

If that goes nowhere, although Bazbaz should really give you a reason why the shed is still there, then contact Community Board 1 (212-442-5050, I don’t believe that CB1 has any jurisdiction, but the folks who work there would know what recourse you might have—or maybe know someone at the DOB who can get a reason why the sidewalk shed hasn’t come down yet. (Again: The more of you behind the complaint, the better. And send photos!) If nothing else, CB1 may be able to make Bazbaz see that being a good neighbor in this instance, even if it doesn’t have to be, might lead to pleasant repercussions down the line if, say, it has to go before the community board’s Landmarks Committee.

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  1. I send a letter to every elected official at the City and State level who represents me, and to the Commissioners of all relevant City agencies. Add the Public Advocate.

    On, you can contact all Commissioners, etc. – but you have only 150 words. However, this is supposed to be tracked by City Hall.

    I’ve done this a few times and been surprised at who responded, especially
    in one instance.

    May not do anything, but you will have given it your best shot.

  2. Hi. The construction is still not done on the building. The rooftop has not been installed; therefore, I assume they will not remove until that is complete.

  3. In my experience, there is little you can do to get a neighbor to remove a sidewalk shed. The city cares about safety first, so if a building needs a sidewalk shed to make it safe, the sidewalk shed will stay up – even if for many years. The city can impose fines to the building for not making the building safe, but if the building does not make the proper repairs (and simply ignores the violations), the city will require the shed to stay up for as long to at least keep the sidewalk safe.