Seen & Heard: New Blow Dry Bar Confirmed

••• Bummed to see the Hudson River Park bike path has once again merged with the Esplanade. Here’s hoping it’s quick and painless and means that work on adjacent Pier 26 is nearly done. Thanks to Tony for the photo.

••• Residents of 88 Leonard received a letter from management confirming the rumor that “Blow Dry Bar” will indeed be taking the retail space on Leonard. Not sure whether the capital letters mean anything—Googling it reaps no pronouns, only companies such as Drybar (over on W. Broadway), Blow, DreamDry, Blo. So either it’s one of those or something new….

••• The new building under construction at 15 Leonard has a placeholder site, if that sort of thing floats your boat.

••• From menswear store the Armoury: “We just launched a new version of our online store that allows you to now order from our US location.”

••• Babesta’s second issue of its Babesta Beat mag has a clever fashion story called Pranksy & the Playground Mob, which riffs off Banksy’s work.

Pranksy Babesta

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  1. Unfortunately, I don’t think the work on the HRP bike path is going to be quick or painless. I just walked past myself, and from the location, it’s likely this is the start of the work for the Pier 26 lay by.

    From my report on the September HRP Trust Board meeting:

    ••• Lay-by for restaurant: The Board approved a contract for more than $800K to create a lay-by along the west side of West St. in front of Pier 26 for “trucks, taxis and school buses.” Since it’s extending the one that’s along the eastern edge of the skate park, it will run from about mid-way between Harrison and N. Moore to about mid-way between N. Moore and Hubert (200 ft long). It will be 35 ft. wide, including a pedestrian circulation area. That’s about three traffic lanes wide—much wider than the existing one, which is about one traffic lane wide (or about 12 ft, using the measurements from the DOT for the Varick/W. Broadway bike lane as a proxy for the width of a typical traffic lane). The bike lanes will be moved to the west side of the new lay-by. Work will proceed over the winter. It’s so expensive because there are large water mains under the area and pressure valves and hydrants need to be moved, as well as significant electrical work.

  2. FYI, although Tony’s photo doesn’t show it, they have actually started work. There was an excavator digging up the bike path when I walked by earlier this afternoon.

    • Nicole you’re correct! There was definitely work happening when I took the photo this morning. The excavator is in the picture. Hard to see though, the photo is kinda dark.