The End Is Near for Tribeca’s Two Major Street-Construction Projects

Much time was spent at last night’s meeting of the Community Board 1 Tribeca Committee going over timetables of the construction projects on Chambers and Hudson (and rehashing why they were necessary in the first place).

There’s plenty of good news on Chambers: The W. Broadway intersection should be done next month, with the Church/Broadway block following soon after. And the city’s Department of Design & Construction is pressing to get the job done by the end of the year, although the worst-case scenario is spring 2015—but if that happens, we’re talking about only a small part of the project remaining incomplete. (The final part, for reasons I didn’t note, will be 20-30 feet east of Church.) Click to enlarge.

DDC Chambers construction timetable 31314DDC Chambers2 construction timetable 31314The Hudson project, meanwhile, should be done by the end of 2014—that’s a year early, for what it’s worth.

DDC Hudson construction timetable 31314Speaking of Worth: The next major street-construction project will be Worth Street from Hudson all the way to Chatham Square. The DDC didn’t want to talk about it yet—they’ll present about it once the design phase is done, probably October (?)—but they did say that part of the reason these endeavors take so long is that they can’t just close the street entirely (so if you’re worried about that, don’t be).

Also at last night’s CB1 Tribeca meeting:
Pier 26 update

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  1. “should be done next month”… ha ! how many times have we heard this already ?!

  2. Why can’t they close the street entirely? Wouldn’t it be less disruptive to close each block, work as quickly as possible and then be finished rather than this malingering they do now?

  3. 80 Chambers Street 11E.

    they don’t want to disrupt the non-city tax paying commuters. They’d rather disrupt the lives of tax-paying residents. Nighttime work, endless mess and noise. It’s been rough! Sorry, but I do not believe these deadlines.