In the News: Vigilante Street Signage

••• Racked visits the studio of Tribeca jeweler Gillian Steinhardt (photo by Driely S.)

••• “City Winery is expanding […] to Nashville, Napa and beyond.” —New York Times

••• “The 11-member board of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey is sharply divided over whether to double the level of subsidies and support for” 3 World Trade Center. What’s the problem? It’s just another $1.2 billion. —New York Times

••• New York State “Comptroller’s Audit Questions [Battery Park City Authority] Charitable Contributions; Authority Responds That It Has Scaled Back Giving and Is Formulating New Policy.” —Broadsheet

••• “A street safety advocacy group went guerilla this past weekend, posting signs advocating for 20-miles-per-hour speed limits in neighborhoods within Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens whose requests for additional traffic safety measures have been denied by the city. Several of the ’20 is Plenty’ signs, created by the group Right of Way, were posted in Tribeca, along Greenwich St.” 20 mph? Move to the suburbs. —Downtown Express

••• “A Manhattan Supreme Court judge granted an injunction in favor of Tribeca Mews developer Thurcon Properties, which is fighting to keep the leasehold on several adjacent parcels in connection with a certificate of occupancy.” —The Real Deal

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  1. Move to the suburbs? Are you really that stupid? Move to where driving over 30 mph is de rigeur and no one walks, scoots, skates or bikes, for precisely that reason?

    The folks who posted the 20 mph signs are the ones who helped spearhead the campaign that put the traffic signal at Greenwich and Duane — so kids and parents can safely access Washington Market Park, PS 150, etc. without having to dodge the vehicles barreling down Greenwich. Why don’t you start up a petition to have it ripped out?

  2. Why start a petition? That sounds too much like due process. I’m just gonna get a bunch of friend s and some tools and were gonna take the signs down at midnight…..just like they were put up. This is pure vandalism…!

  3. Come on guys, this used to be a really nice neighborhood until you all moved in with this kind of negativity & entitlement. No need for this evil banter.
    Smithers want to chime in?

  4. @Rosalie, I like to point out the absurdity of some of the comments. You tell us to ” play nice” but you then tell us how nice the neighborhood used to be before I moved in . A little passive aggressive….no? Sound s like you”re acting a bit entitled and negative. For the record I moved to Tribeca in 1993.