Seen & Heard: Things Are Looking Grim at J&R

Victoria Burge at Steven Amedee••• An exhibit of work by Victoria Burge opens April 10 at Steven Amedee Gallery.

••• At a reader’s suggestion, I went over to J&R yesterday. Empty shelves, a closed café, employees who say “They don’t tell us anything” when you ask what’s up….

••• If you felt burned by my April Fool’s joke, take comfort in the fact that Gen at Mulberry & Vine got me good.

••• The Property furniture store has left 14 Wooster, and while it waits for its new location (not sure where that is…) to be ready, it’s taking up temporary residence at 59 Walker, sharing the storefront with trans.LUXE lighting.

••• May 5 at Tribeca Cinemas: a screening of Three Amigos! (The exclamation point is part of the movie title, not a sign of enthusiasm.)

••• 18 Harrison is on the market for $11 million. It’s commercial… for now.

••• At Aqua on April 11: “Tapin, in partnership with Plux unveils its second interactive installation in a collaborative series on human emotions. Through life-sized light installations and visuals that illuminate the holistic experience of happiness, Tapin creates a multi-sensory experience that fearlessly explores a deeper meaning of happiness. This magical experience engages visitors through unique social interactions and activities, turning strangers into collaborators and viewers into artists, allowing them to transform their experience and the art itself.” Tickets here.



  1. Please do tell, how Gen got you good. Might make us all feel better!

  2. I was at Mulberry & Vine, happily eating the black bean chili (recommend it!), when Gen sat down across from me. “Michelle and I have just been running the numbers,” she said. “I just don’t think we can make it work. This is going to be our last month.”

    “What?!” I said. “No! That’s just not possible! I’m so sorry!”

    “April Fool’s!”