Major Food News About Brookfield Place

Brookfield Place second floor floor plan with tenantsI was chatting up one of the restaurateurs opening in the Brookfield Place food court when he/she dropped a bomb: The other fine dining restaurant in the complex (besides Jose Garces’s) will be from none other than Jean-Georges Vongerichten (right). It’ll be on Vesey—along with Garces’s place and Parm—and it’ll be two levels, making me wonder/hope whether we might get a twofer, perhaps with Nougatine on one level and a finer-dining flagship à la Jean Georges on the other.

And so the Brookfield vs Goldman Sachs war heats up even more: We’ll soon have Umami Burger going up against Shake Shack, the Mighty Quinn vying with Blue Smoke, and Vongerichten/Garces vs. North End Grill. (You could argue that Dos Toros vies with El Vez, but I think only the latter has margaritas. Then again, I suppose Vongerichten could be opening an outpost of ABC Cocina, minus the ABC. Or even ABC Kitchen….)

In other Brookfield Place news, the food court opening has been pushed back to May 10, with a VIP event on May 1. Local residents, despite not being the main target market, will be pleased to learn that the food court’s hours will be 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Saturday, and 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Sunday—and Brookfield is insisting all the vendors adhere to those hours. Even better, the kiosks will all deliver—although I don’t know whether that includes beyond the complex’s borders.

Some bad news, however: The unannounced Asian restaurant slated for the food court was going to be Danny Bowien’s Mission Chinese, but it fell through. If you know what’s taking its place, let’s talk:, 917-209-6473.

UPDATE 4/4: “Here’s the official word from JGV’s team,” posted Eater. “‘Jean-Georges has been approached but nothing has been decided yet.'” We shall see.

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