Seen & Heard: Open Studios at the New York Academy of Art

10 Hubert••• Under renovation for a while now, 10 Hubert is unsheathed, and looking wonderful. Can’t wait to see the storefront….

••• According to flyers posted on Greenwich, the ship that is applying for a liquor license at Pier 25 is the Sherman Zwicker. Wikipedia says:

The Sherman Zwicker is a 142 feet (43 m) wooden auxiliary fishing schooner. She was designed with a schooner hull similar to her famous sister ship Bluenose, but with a 320 brake horsepower diesel engine installed from the beginning. Both the Sherman Zwicker and Bluenose were built at the same shipyard. The Sherman Zwicker does not have topmasts or a bowsprit. She was built strictly as a working fishing vessel and did not race like the Bluenose. […] Today, she is a fully operational traveling museum that visits the Maine Maritime Museum in Bath, Maine, regularly. She frequently participates in tall ship festivities along the Eastern Seaboard and continues to visit her original home port in Nova Scotia and Newfoundland. She is the only Grand Banks fishing vessel that is still operational and seaworthy today.

••• Shooting around N. Moore and Varick on Wednesday: Untitled Wall Street Project, a TV movie with Maggie Grace, John Cusack, David Morse, and Sophie Okonedo.

••• New York Academy of Art’s 2014 MFA Open Studios is on Friday, April 25, from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m at 111 Franklin: “The Academy’s artists-in-residence will open their creative spaces to the public and will be on hand to discuss and answer any questions that may arise about their works.” The event is free, and some of their work is here.

••• Q Cigars has closed after 15  years (it was on Church, next to Sole di Capri).

••• The BMCC trailers on West Street are gone! Thanks to Michael for the photo.

BMCC trailers by Michael


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  1. >>••• Q Cigars has closed after 15 years (it was on Church, next to Sole di Capri).

    Good riddance. No more cigar smell with dinner.