New Plans for 27 Desbrosses

Despite the liquor-license application hearing last October, I hear that the recently unveiled 27 Desbrosses storefront will not involve Anchor Bar’s Gunther Bilali or be an “American reimagination of the classic restaurants of New York City in the 1920’s.” Instead, it’ll be home to a scaled-down version of Ponte’s (f.k.a. F.Illi Ponte), the Ponte family’s Italian restaurant that had been at Desbrosses and Washington until last July—where the specialty of the house was the spicy Angry Lobster. (The old Ponte’s location, of course, is part of a parcel set to be developed by Related.)

I called Gunther Bilali’s two phone numbers, but the voice mail was full at both. And no one from Ponte Equities returned my calls.

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  1. With all that time off to relax, the angry lobster is going to be really Angry now that he’s pressed (pun intended) back into service!…

    Kidding aside – Good to see this long standing fixture coming back to the neighborhood

  2. Any idea on when it will open?

  3. So glad to hear Ponte’s is coming back. miss that Lobster and the pizza. If their smart they kept John Lucca on payroll and he will open the new place.

  4. Steve, Agree with the Pizza. Best in the city. Robin In the last few years the Lobster was not as good but they had a Lobster roll that was magnificent. As far as Mr Lucca one of the best restaranteurs in the city. been to anchor and the owner is rude and the Place a dive. Glad he won’t be involved.