An Explanation for the Lights on the AT&T Long Lines Building

-1Despite what a rep for the Tribeca Film Festival told me—in writing, no less (“Just double checked, the light projections aren’t associated with TFF, just AT&T!”)—the projections many folks spotted the other day on the AT&T Long Lines Building (33 Thomas) are indeed a Tribeca Film Festival–related promotion.

The press release:

Continuing their commitment to including all New Yorkers in the Tribeca Film Festival, on Tuesday, April 22 at 8:00 pm, AT&T will transform the company’s building on Thomas Street in Tribeca into a #FilmForAllprojection wall. New Yorkers who cast their vote via Twitter for the film they think every New Yorker should see—which will be screened to the public in all five boroughs this summer—will have their Twitter avatar projected onto the building along with AT&T’s homage to some of the greatest films of our time. After tweeting their vote with the hashtag #FilmForAll, users will be sent a consent form from @FilmForAll so their avatar can be projected. Only voters that have provided consent will be included on the projection wall.

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P.S. Thanks to Jennifer for the photo!

P.P.S. Here’s another photo, from @Gyom_NYC.

ATT Long Lines Building by Gyom_NYC

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  1. This story encapsulates much that is despicable about the TFF, IMO.

  2. why do you assume you were lied to? that’s pretty strong language. its very possible that the “rep” had no idea. there is a lot of stuff going on with them this week for them and unlikely you got the attention of someone with a 50,000′ foot view. just saying.

    • It was the phrase “double checked” that pushed me over the edge.

      • i’d say you got “interned.” they run the whole festival using unpaid interns who don’t have a clue…

        • It wasn’t an intern (and I believe the TFF starting paying interns this year — something I only know because it lit up my Twitter search on “Tribeca” a couple of months back). In any event, I’m prepared to downgrade my outrage to “misled,” but not to withdraw it entirely. I don’t doubt that this promotion has taken a *lot* of work to put together and that it was simply meant to be announced after I inquired about it.

  3. On April 17, MediaPost ran an article about the AT&T TFF projections.

    There’s also a microsite dedicated to the program.

  4. I personally think the light projection is a wonderful addition to what has been an incredible eyesore in Tribeca for many many year. I hope they continue to do this on many of the other tall very large ugly buildings in our area. For one 60 Hudson STreet, the Western Union Building which could do with a light projection!

  5. Lied or misled you’ll find it was simply a matter of left hand not knowing what right hand was doing.

    The images here look to be from the set up of the gear.

    Website says show is on tonight. I hear from someone who saw it last night that it is super cool.