Seen & Heard: The Arman’s Artwork

1st Precinct - Car 3403 - 7 11 Double Park - 4 21 14••• From a reader who presumably would rather remain anonymous: “We have been living with the Chambers St reconstruction for far too long. Everyone knows that the Church Street and W. Broadway corners are the worst. Due to the Church St. work, we are down to two lanes only (from Warren to halfway up to Reade). Not only does this create an incredibly dangerous condition for pedestrians, but it makes traffic back up down to Murray.” Yes, it does! But as if that weren’t bad enough…. “It feels like every day, I see another NYC vehicle (courts, sanitation, NYPD) double parked outside of 7-Eleven (insert joke here) on Church. This reduces traffic to only one lane! Ironically, the only people that double park there are official NYC vehicles. See the photo for today’s evidence of NYC at its best—a government entity blocking up the works. Car #3403, part of the 1st Precinct. Please help us reach out to the 1st Precinct and DOT to do something about this.” I responded that I don’t have any relationship with the NYPD, and that the best bet is to approach CB1 (which can reach out to the DOT) and/or attend the monthly meeting of the 1st Precinct Community Council on the last Thursday of every month (it’s at the precinct house).

••• From Taste of Tribeca, which is May 17—got your tickets yet? If not, why not upgrade? “Taste of Tribeca is having a Kick-Off Cocktail Party on Friday, May 2, from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. at Bouley Botanical. We will be honoring the Golden Restaurants, who have been supporters of the event since the beginning. They are: Bouley, Bubby’s Tribeca, Duane Park Patisserie, Gigino Trattoria, The Odeon, Tribeca Grill and Walker’s. Regular admission to the Cocktail Party is $90 per person and includes one Tasting Card for Taste of Tribeca.”

••• From Friends of Washington Market Park: “We are excited to announce a free children’s tennis clinic every Tuesday in May and June at Washington Market Park.” They’re partnering with Super Duper Tennis. Info here.

••• Poet House’s Poem in Your Pocket Day is Thursday, April 24: “Throughout the day, Poets House staff and volunteers will distribute pocket-sized poems inspired by local landmarks, some written by budding poets from neighboring elementary schools, in recognition of the upcoming 50th anniversary of the NYC Landmarks Preservation Law.” Maybe next year can be about erotic verse?

••• A reader says that the Arman building’s sculpture is complete and that it will be installed in June. (The Arman is 482 Greenwich.)

Arman sculpture