About That New Restaurant on Spring…

After checking out the new Hotel Hugo on Greenwich—more on that soon—I wandered over to see if anything was happening at the new restaurant going in at 300 Spring, where Cherrywood Kitchen was. (And before that, it an Italian restaurant whose name I don’t recall. It started with an L…? And then it was something else, another Italian place, where our server was so crazy that I thought it was Sacha Baron Cohen in drag, pranking us.) There were tables stacked outside, and two guys by the door. I asked what was up, and one told me that it’d be called Union Bar + Kitchen, and it’s set to open May 20. I asked if it was related to any other establishments I might know, and he said no, but I realize now that I phrased it in a way to allow for loopholes.

Googling brought forth the following info: They’re calling it an “American brasserie” on job-posting sites, and the Community Board 2 minutes say it’s an “upscale yet casual style restaurant which will feature eclectic, flavorful and healthy plates with a Latin, French and Japanese influence together with an oyster and ceviche bar.” But then I heard from a reader who heard from the proprietors that the food would be “fish tacos, pulled pork sliders, rotisserie chicken, steaks, etc.”

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  1. This location used to be Lomito and later Sora Lella, both Italian.

  2. Union Bar and Kitchen opened last night. I stopped in for cocktails and a bite with a few friends – this is an excellent addition to the neighborhood. They have a bar menu with options like panko fried oysters, Japanese style fried chicken, fish tacos, pork belly sliders; and a regular menu with steak, grilled catch of the day, lamb chops etc. Very creative cocktail list. Everything I tried was delicious. The space itself is airy, with high ceilings, appropriately dim lighting and very inviting.