Seen & Heard: Statue of Liberty in City Hall Park

••• City Hall Park’s new exhibit, Danh Vo: We the People, is being installed. The Public Art Fund exhibit is “a life-size copper replica of the statue in over 250 individual parts fabricated over the course of three years using the original techniques and materials.” It’s also in Brooklyn Bridge Park.

Los Americanos come salsaLos Americanos instagram••• Either Los Americanos quietly got a cabaret license or it’s dancing on the edge…. The tweet below right was from Saturday.

••• Still no correct guesses for last week’s Where in Tribeca…? It’s in central Tribeca, I promise.

••• Sunday, May 18, is Friends of Bogardus Garden’s Spring Celebration, with music and kids’ activities. It’s 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

••• Yesterday from S.: “We noticed massive security detail at the playground on the  Pier 25. An hour later we realized that Secretary of State Kerry and his family were in Tribeca. We also noticed four serious helicopters about an hour earlier—wondering if that was their arrival?”

••• I was Citi Biking around northwest Tribeca yesterday when I noticed that the cobblestones on Greenwich were bumpier than usual—the mortar, or whatever it’s called, between the block appears to be eroding. This photo doesn’t really do it justice, and maybe cars won’t mind it, but Citi Biking is even more teeth-rattling. UPDATE: I just noticed that parts of Harrison are just as bad. Maybe this is normal? The city agencies responsible for this and the bike obsession really should’ve had a meeting at some point.

••• A guest at the TC/Joy Gryson event the other night mentioned that Saleya is now closed weekends, except for private events…?

••• The storefront at Hubert has been unveiled. It looks good! Pictured below the current version are ones from 2012 and the late 1980s (courtesy Yvonne Babineaux, from her wonderful cache).

10 Hubert 51114Hubert and Collister NW corner now 111212Hubert Street between Collister and Greenwich

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  1. pretty sure Saleya has been closed weekends since inception

  2. Thank you for pointing out the horrible job contractors did on the Greenwich Street cobblestones from Canal St. to Hubert St.

    The distance between the stones is a problem, and so is the mortar. The wide space between the stones makes not only bicycling unsafe but sprained ankles and falls are also to be expected while walking on them just to to cross the street.

    It is unconscionable the NYC DOT approved this shoddy work and continues to do nothing about it. To boot, there are no traffic controls (aka traffic lights and stop signs) for the southbound stretch between Canal and Laight St,. so run and gun pedal to the metal cars regularly exceed 50 MPH trying to make the Laight Street traffic light. How many more accidents will it take for the City to wake up to this poor design?