In the News: Broadway Landmark Hotel Details

••• The New York Daily News recaps a bunch of the big new developments (and redevelopments) in Lower Manhattan. I only skimmed it, if we’re going to be honest, but I believe this bit about 346 Broadway (being called 108 Leonard) is news: “There will be between 100 and 140 apartments and up to 100 hotel rooms.” (“It has tremendous architectural detail,” said developer Don Peebles. “That stands out in Tribeca, which is mostly known for its industrial warehouses.” Careful, Peebles! Would you rather be lumped in with the Civic Center?)

••• Someone stole one of the artworks from City Hall Park. —New York Post

••• Corton replacement Bâtard could open “as early as Tuesday.” —Eater

••• “Driver Crashes Into Barricade at NYPD Headquarters.” —DNAinfo

••• “Full Chambers St. road closure, Broadway to Church, Monday 5/19, 8pm-5am.” —Tribeca Trib


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  1. The Daily News article basically said that Downtown is back on top! Retail, Residential, Hotel, Commercial…….all booming and that many think it is only now getting started. Essentially 1.5MM sf feet of new retail is coming on line in the next 2 years, 18 new hotels, thousands of new residences, several new schools and $30B of overall investment all coming on line around the same time. What everyone said would happen is finally happening.