New Kid on the Block: Arcade Bakery

Arcade Bakery croissantWhen Roger Gural says his new Arcade Bakery represents a homecoming, he isn’t just talking about returning to Tribeca, and how his first baking job was at Bouley Bakery. He actually lived at 40 Worth back then. “My family is in real estate, and they manage the building,” he says. “I used to live on the roof, where there’s one apartment, for a super. I kept my sourdough starter in the boiler room.”

The bakery is in a beautiful hallway, with vaulted ceilings, that’s accessed via 220 Church (between Buckle My Shoe and the New York Law School bookstore); the doors had been closed for quite a while. Because the floor is sloped, there are no chairs; instead, Gural had eight tables built that swing down from the wood-paneled nooks, and you can stand or sit in the nooks.

For Gural, Arcade Bakery is a welcome return to production after years of teaching (before which, he was the head baker at California’s esteemed Bouchon Bakery and French Laundry). “At Bouley Bakery, I worked with the head baker, and I could see from his level of technique—he had at least ten years of experience—how much I had to learn before I could open a bakery.” Gural and his team are baking pastries—croissants, Danishes, sugared brioche—and bread in the morning, segueing into coffee cakes, and, for lunch, a ham-and-cheese sandwich and flatbread pizzas. (The menu is below.) Arcade Bakery is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., and he hopes to extend the hours soon.

I’ve had several of the breads, as well as a chocolate croissant and a sugared brioche, and they have all been outstanding. I’ll head over for lunch and add those photos later today…. Update: The pizza was very good. Best crust south of Motorino.

Arcade Bakery is at 220 Church (between Worth and Thomas), Arcade Bakery’s Facebook page.

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  1. I went to Arcade Bakery this morning. It was amazing! The space is refreshingly unique. The chocolate croissant is so delicious as is the Quinoa Bread. It is stroller friendly and a must go. Hooray for a great new addition to the neighborhood.

  2. Great news! I missed Bouley Bakery so much. It was excellent.
    Please open on weekends too so we can get our croissants and pains au chocolat for breakfast and baguettes for lunch / picnic on the grass.

  3. BEAUTIFUL photos, Erik; both the bread/pastries and the architecture.

  4. Cannot wait to try it!

  5. wow. i work at 40 worth and i didn’t even know this was here! the arcade has been closed for about 5 years. i’m bringing home fresh bread tonight!

  6. just went there for lunch, you should try the potato focaccia: fantastic.
    Also the baguette is better than any alternative within TriBeCa

  7. There definitely has been bakery gap since Bouley market/bakery closed. I’m going to give Arcade a try.

  8. Best baguette I’ve had in NYC, and Roger seems like a nice guy and happy to be back in the community. Looking forward to trying the pizzas and sandwiches!

  9. I had the vanilla pear baguette and it was excellent!

  10. I stopped by today. First off, the arcade looks lovely with all the woodwork in the nooks. On to the goods…the pain au chocolat were the best I’ve had for a long time. And the sourdough/levain loaf is incredible and enormous for $5! Thanks for the tip TC. Would never have known it was there. A true hidden gem.

  11. Cinnamon sugared brioche was outstanding. And he serves very good coffee too! I am going back for the quinoa loaf.

  12. What a wonderful way to start my day with a chocolate croissant – simply divine – a beautiful atmosphere, as well.