New Kid on the Block: By Suzette

Andy Rodrigues (left) and Guillaume Blanchard met five years ago, while at school in France. A friendship was born, and they considered opening a business together. They were sitting at a restaurant in Paris when the idea hit: Why not bring real French crepes to America, just like the ones that Andy’s fiancée’s grandmother used to sell in Brittany? Why not sell them from a cart in Central Park?

Lucky for us, they found a storefront on Chambers for their creperie, By Suzette. It was formerly home to a Metro PCS shop, but any signs of the previous inhabitant are long gone. The room is small but pretty, with at least half of it devoted to the cooking area; a standing counter is in the window.

By Suzette is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner—or an in-between snack. The recipe comes from Andy’s fiancée’s grandmother, and there are two types: savory and sweet. Savory ones are made with gluten-free buckwheat flour from Brittany, and you can order from a menu of suggested combinations or build-your-own, à la Chipotle. Sweet crepes might be filled with Bonne Maman preserves, Creme de Salidou caramel sauce from Brittany, Nutella, chocolate…. The crepes are made right in front of you—the process is sure to fascinate kids—and delivery will be offered starting in a week or two.

Once the creperie is up and running smoothly, Rodrigues and Blanchard are planning to open another shop, and then another. Their objective is to have 10 By Suzettes in New York City in the next 18 months.

By Suzette is at 86 Chambers (between Church and Broadway), 212-321-2626;

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  2. Some of the most amazing crepes I have ever had!!!