Seen & Heard: Tutto Il Giorno Is Opening Imminently

56 Leonard from Capsouto Park••• It’s not even halfway up, but 56 Leonard has already reached a height where it’s suddenly visible from all sorts of surprising spots—including Albert Capsouto Park (above).

••• An astute reader noticed that Naomi Watts is clearly a Tribeca fan—she was photographed wearing Matt Bernson‘s Tribeca-shaped pendant.

••• Franklin Street Italian restaurant Tutto Il Giorno was doing friends-and-family dinner last night. Expect a real opening soon. Plus: Website.

••• King Pong, that table-tennis parlor on Vandam, has closed.

••• From the River Project: “We are doing another event on Tuesday, June 3. Meet the Fishes is a great event for parents and kids to meet the fishes from the beautiful New York Harbor and learn about the estuary in our Wetlab at Pier 40. Fishes are arriving at our Wetlab for ‘summer school.’ We will do another event on November 6 for their ‘graduation,’ when they return to the river.” It’s 4:30 p.m. to 7 p.m.

••• British department store Marks & Spencer is shooting something around W. Broadway and Worth today. Or maybe “Marks & Spencer” is about a pair of hilariously mismatched British detectives?

••• Café Clementine‘s latest protest against the Department of Health rating system…. Photo courtesy Nicole Larrauri.