Seen & Heard: Tutto Il Giorno Is Open

Mike Gilson tribute••• From Andy: “I thought it should be shared that Mike Gilson, a.k.a. Homeless Mike, Mike on the corner of Broadway and Duane, passed away this week. Mike was homeless and an alcoholic and a familiar face to anyone who lived in the area. He was never any trouble to anyone and could often be seen helping the vendors on the corner or sweeping the street to keep it clean. A proper citizen of Tribeca. RIP Mike.”

••• Tutto Il Giorno has officially opened (ignore the “opening soon” on its website).

••• From a reader: “Heard from a reliable source that the New York Sports Club on Reade just reached agreement with landlord for a five-year renewal. There were concerns that it would close.”

••• The Department of Transportation has created a website to keep track of Lower Manhattan construction, now that the Lower Manhattan Construction Command Center is gone.

••• Press release: After pressure from local politicians, “Gateway Residential Management LLC announced plans to replace the remaining 3,100 individual packaged terminal air conditioners which provide cooling and heating to apartments at Gateway Plaza” in Battery Park City. “Gateway Residential Management has also pledged to upgrade the 1,700 electrical sub meters, used to measure tenant electricity use, which have not been replaced since the construction of the 33-year-old building.”

••• The Sherman Zwicker, which will be the site of the Grand Banks raw bar when it docks at Pier 25, is en route. When you see it arrive, please let me know.

••• The photo below is from Chris Charles’s Instagram video of last night’s storm.

1WTC lightning by Chris M Charles

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  1. On Mike Gilson: I am deeply saddened at the loss of my dear friend Mikey. I was always amazed at the number of locals who passed by while we chatted, giving him a warm greeting, words of encouragement – some change or food to get him through another day.

    And I would like to acknowledge the MTA dispatcher and food vendors on “Mike’s corner” who were oh, so protective of him.

    I will remember Mike for his wit, humor, and above all, his tenacity. I am honored to have known him.

    – Zada Rose, Independence Plaza

  2. To Andy, Zada Rose:
    Concerning Michael Gilson, I am his sister. I would not have known of Michael’s passing if it wasn’t for the Mta Dispatcher Michael, going through the trouble of trying to locate someone from Michael’s family. MTA Michael told me how kind everyone near Michael was kind to him and he was cared about. From the local fire house, the food vendors, people passing by, Andy, Zada Rose and Michael’s MTA Guardian Angel it was some comfort to know there are still some very decent people in the world with compassion. Because of that, Michael’s family will be anle to put him to rest appropriately! We can’t thank you all enough!
    Maureen Gilson

    • Kathleen and Maureen,
      Michael was a friend to our entire family and was always spoken of fondly in our house. He and my husband had a great friendship and all of the guys in our building looked out for him. He always reassured my husband that he was watching out for the kids everyday as they walked to and from school. We were all very sad to hear of his passing but please know that he was a valued member of our community and we will miss him very much.
      The Farrells, 105 Duane Street

  3. To all the kind people who knew our brother, Michael Gilson, thank you for caring and for all the kindness you bestowed upon him. Michael has always been and will remain deep in our hearts with love. I am sure Michael is in a better place now, with our parents and other family members, and he will be put to rest with our parents. Maureen said it beautifully, “We can’t thank you all enough.”
    Kathleen Gilson and Family