Seen & Heard: Outdoor Movies at the Seaport

••• The South Street Seaport’s free Front/Row Cinema is back again this summer at Fulton and Front: “The summer-long schedule will include a diverse line-up that includes family friendly fare (Brave, Frozen), blockbusters (Skyfall, Men in Black 3: The One Without the Pug), modern classics (The Breakfast Club, Goonies) and indie-minded films (Crazy, Stupid Love; Perks of Being a Wallflower). Screenings will be every Wednesday night for family films and Saturday night for ‘date night,’ with lawn and lounge chair seating provided for guests each night.”

••• Come tomato season, I’m going to want to remember that Pisillo Italian Panini sells burrata….

••• This is Cristina Dos Santos’s last weekend on N. Moore—stop by for the final sale. Canis Minor on Reade, too. (Canis Minor is gone—and work is already being done inside?)

••• There’s a concert on Sunday at Bowery Ballroom to benefit Simon Scott, who has run into health troubles. “A former employee of Brandy Library, Simon Scott has expressed his artistic side as not only our original chef, but also quite literally as an immensely talented painter. It is to his credit that our guests can enjoy the murals painted throughout the library. While Simon no longer works at Brandy Library (although his artistic skills are occasionally contracted), he has remained a long time friend, so it is now, in his time of need, that we are trying to help.” Tickets here; donate here.

••• Press release from the Hawaiian Airlines Liberty Challenge by New York Outrigger: “This year, we are hosting our 18th Liberty Challenge Race at Hudson River Park’s Pier 26 on Saturday, June 21. Over 400 athletes from around the world will be participating in one of the largest water sport events in New York Harbor and the largest outrigger event on the East Coast. In addition to the race, we will feature island style entertainment and festival on Pier 26 to celebrate the first day of summer.”

••• The new Starbucks at 32 Sixth Ave. pays homage to the building’s AT&T history with an installation of old phones. (I can hear it now: “Mommy, what are those things on the wall?”)

Starbucks phones



  1. FreshDirect also sells burrata. It’s very good and I think the price is similar.