Seen & Heard: Exceed Physical Culture Opens Next Week

Franklin Place 6214••• A shipload of concrete is being poured over at the Franklin Place development; I never realized that it’s cantilevered over its neighbor to the north, 373 Broadway.

••• Adam and I went to North End Grill last night for the first time since chef Eric Korsh came onboard. The menu is a mix of old and new. Highlights were the green salad (don’t laugh—if you can do that well, it’s a very good sign) with feta, scallions, and dill; softly scrambled eggs with ramps and bacon; and grilled trout served over lentils. And that Bien Cuit bread, which I die for every time.

Hudson and Chambers••• Paul wrote in asking for an update on the “construction kittens” found at the Chambers worksite. Here’s a recent photo of Hudson and Chambers, the two kittens that photographer Stephen Pile adopted.

••• The nice folks at Arts Brookfield are offering four pairs of reserved seats to its concert on Friday, June 13—Mélanie Pain of Nouvelle Vague, the first night of the Global Beat Festival at the Winter Garden. (The concerts are free.) Just email with “Global Beat Festival” in the subject line and I’ll do a random drawing on Friday. With Hudson Eats now open, you can make a Brookfield Place night of it.

••• Federal Plaza has a water feature. Who knew? Kind of amusing since you’ll recall that the revamped plaza has to be closed on rainy days because the surface is too slippery.

••• You can now sign up for classes at Exceed Physical Culture (opening on Reade) starting June 9.

••• Seeing as how people are making use of every possible perch at Bogardus Garden/Plaza on nice days—yesterday they were everywhere, even along Reade and W. Broadway—I’m thinking whichever new design candidate has the most seating might be the best one.

••• City Hall Wines & Spirits is open in its new space on Church, just above Chambers. Yesterday, they said they weren’t taking credit cards yet, but that may have changed by now.

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  1. Do you know how many more stories they are adding to Franklin Place?