Exciting News for the Super Linda Space

Super LindaThe rumor posted in a comment that celebrity chef Geoffrey Zakarian is opening a restaurant in the Super Linda space led to more info: He’ll be serving up American food, akin to that at The National, his “contemporary New York Grand Café” in Midtown. Like the National, it’ll be open from breakfast through dinner.

I’ve reached out to Zakarian and his reps, as well as to the Super Linda team, but I have yet to hear back. This is the kind of news that tends to go to the New York Times, so I don’t entirely expect to. Still, it’s exciting—it’d be a welcome addition to the area.

Scoff if you want. Last time I ran a rumor like this it was about Andrew Carmellini and the Smyth….



  1. Have absolute faith in you that this is true!

  2. I can’t wait for them to pull down those horrific window decals.