In the News: Pier 40 Air Rights Deal Nixed

••• “Attorney Arthur Schwartz said he met with Madelyn Wils, the president of the Hudson River Park Trust, on Friday afternoon, and she informed him that the secret $100-million memorandum of understanding, or M.O.U., for transfer of Pier 40’s air rights has officially been scrapped.” —The Villager

••• “The Sterling Mason in Tribeca is pimped out with $3,000 Toto smart toilets that play jazz and ocean sounds, purify the air and have ionized seats that repel bacteria. […] They have a programmable night light, remote control to flush and a retractable ‘Washlet’ for a bidet. There’s also a built-in deodorizer, dryer and heated seat. [And] this porcelain throne plays the soothing sounds of running brooks and crashing waves to give people more privacy. The bowl’s boom box is a unit that attaches to the wall and is preloaded with 18 MP3s including ‘Ave Maria.'” —New York Post

••• “A rep for [chef Geoffrey] Zakarian tells Eater that no project is confirmed” for the Super Linda space. Yet….

••• World Trade Center retail update: “About 80% of the 150 retail brands that will fill the newly built complex have signed leases or have leases out for signing.” Included in the Wall Street Journal article (and not previously mentioned elsewhere): Turnbull & Asser and Bobbi Brown.

••• The three-story buildings at 60, 62 and 64 Watts are being demolished to make way for a tower at 100 Varick that could be as big as 280,000 square feet. —The Real Deal

••• “On Thursday, June 19 and Monday, July 7, farmers will be selling their goods from 13 tents that line Coenties Slip, between Water and Pearl streets.” —Tribeca Trib


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  1. NYC starting to look like Dubai – heartbreaking to lose more in-scale, visually appealing, charming buildings to what will undoubtedly be more vulgar monuments to greed. So sad about Watt Street buildings. The buildings being destroyed are what make NY look like NY – I’ve seen very few examples of developer’s architects being respectful of what’s here – that includes Gehry, Calatrava, Hertzog and de Meuron – their designs look like they fell on the city from outer space.

    I am not anti-development but what’s happening shows a real lack of vision and creativity.