Seen & Heard: Is 15 Park Row on the Market?

••• I hear from the same source who has been right about J&R so far that 15 Park Row is about to be put on the market. The building’s website shows no current listings available, but that may not mean anything. Anyway, if true, that whole block of Park Row is suddenly in play.

••• Walking on Barclay this morning, I got a decent view of 19 Park Place and its groovy balconies. The building will be 21 stories when done. Related: A teaser site for the building (“a contemporary architectural statement made of light and air”), which is evidently no longer called Tribeca Royale. Gee, wonder why….

••• Telepan Local delivers (and may have for a while, but I just noticed it on the restaurant’s website).

••• The mention yesterday about the strobe light atop 1 World Trade Center got several concurring complaints. If it bothers you, do chime in—the only hope of getting this changed, if the light is brighter than the minimum required by the FAA, is to have a bunch of people say it’s bothering them.

••• Last time I wrote about 11 Sixth Ave. I got yelled at because I had posted an out-of-date construction plan. So when the one below came into my hands, I asked owner Greg Nardello and architect Steve Wygoda if it’s current; neither has responded, so there’s a chance it’s not. Anyway, note the mezzanine—which turns it into a de facto three-story building—and roof access. Last we had heard, there would be equipment on the roof and nothing else, so it’s there for, what? Smoking?

11 Sixth Ave roof plan