Crunch Is Considering Two Spaces in Tribeca

66 Leonard 61114I went to the meeting of the CB1 Landmarks Committee the other night hoping to get info on the 66 Leonard signage that was being presented, thinking it must be for the long-in-the-sort-of-works ground floor restaurant. But the meeting went on and on, and I had to bail. I learned later that the signage wasn’t for the restaurant but for a gym taking over a small footprint on street level (the southernmost bay on Church—naturally, that’s the part I didn’t take a photo of the other day), much of the basement, and possibly the entire sub-basement. They wanted a flag like the ones by the main entrance, but the committee said no.

There was no word on who it is, though. The most logical guess would’ve been Crunch, which isn’t represented in Tribeca and would like to be (but got rejected from 140 Franklin). Crunch also recently advertised for trainers for a Tribeca gym, although a worker said that was for its Bowery location. Sure enough, the Real Deal just reported that Crunch is considering both 66 Leonard and 80 Leonard, where Eastern Athletic was. (“The location no longer appears on Eastern Athletic’s website”—guess that two-week closing for repairs is being indefinitely extended….)

As for the restaurant at 66 Leonard, in the old Matsugen space, the folks behind it say it is indeed still happening. The initial presentation to CB1, back in December of 2012, is here.

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  1. I find it interesting that eastern athletic no longer lists tribeca as a location. They are now saying they’ll reopen on Wednesday but who knows.

  2. Eastern Athletic was supposed to re-open today. This morning they had signs posted saying, “Oops! Our renovations have been delayed. We will re-open on Wed 6/18).

    I went in to ask about the website and they said I would have to call back when a manager was there.

  3. It could also just be mere coincidence but their billing cycle begins on the 15/16th of the month. It would be pretty shady if they were to take people’s money for this next billing cycle sometime today or tomorrow and then miraculously aren’t able to open on Wednesday as promised.