Renderings for 101 Murray

A big score for New York YIMBY, which was sent renderings for 101 Murray (at the corner of West, and the current site of a St. John’s University building). At around 950 feet, it’ll be “the tallest residential building in Lower Manhattan, surpassing both 56 Leonard and 30 Park Place; Kohn Pedersen Fox is the architect.” Apparently, it also emanates a heavenly glow.

As with all tipster-sent info, it has to be taken with a grain of salt; last time we got excited/terrified by a 101 Murray rendering, it proved to be false.

UPDATE: It’s going to be called 101 Tribeca, obviously because it has so much in common with the neighborhood.

UPDATE #2: Another rendering and more info in this subsequent post.

101 Murray 101 Murray3



  1. it better have a school, a police station and a fire station at it’s base! (and not a school that holds 200 kids, because there will be more than 200 kids in that building! )

  2. Looks great. I hope it gets built before the bubble of residences for the top one percent of the one percent pops

  3. Why do people with kids keep moving to Tribeca knowing the schools and playgrounds are already overcrowded?

  4. It is better than the prior posted renderings. However, another trip back to the drawing board is needed to improve the design some more.

  5. Will this building have retail on the ground floor(s)?

  6. Tribeca is one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in the city. Buyers here are likely to have the means to send there kids to private schools if they need to and more private schools are under construction. The Blue School is expanding, the Pine Street school opens this Fall and Leman’s has expanded as well. Others will follow. The city will have to build new schools as the population rises. I have no doubt about that. I have never seen the overcrowding issue doesn’t enter into anyone’s mind as they evaluate buying in Tribeca/FiDi/BPC. They just keep coming.

  7. Fisher brothers had better learn how to build better buildings. Lots of construction issues at 37 Warren

  8. Can anyone say “ugly”? Development is inevitable, but it doesn’t mean it has to be tasteless.

  9. Why do people keep moving despite infrastructure issues? Maybe because they believe that it is the government’s duty to provide public services and they assume the city wouldn’t allow construction without properly allocating said resources.

    We should be complaining that city city is failing to provide basic services, not that people want to live in New York.

  10. Awful. Blocks the view of the Freedom Tower from uptown. That will not go down well I think.

  11. Really gross and irresponsible . Just what we need to make Murray street uninhabitable …..more traffic both foot and auto.

  12. All the more reason to expand the boundaries of the historic districts, and try to limit this kind of way out of scale development in our neighborhood, before we are living in an oasis surrounded by skyscrapers, where we are perpetually in shadows from horrible skyscrapers.

  13. Looks like one of those tacky Olympic torches, only 900 times bigger.