Seen & Heard: The Final Restaurant at Hudson Eats Is…

Haus••• Funkagenda will be in the Haus for the the new nightclub’s opening on June 27. (It’s at W. Broadway and Canal (in the old Canal Room space.) Damn, I’ll be out of town that week.

••• “The space that had the coming soon sign now sez it’s going to be Northern Tiger,” commented Hudson River about Hudson Eats at Brookfield Place. I find nothing online… Could it actually be a new restaurant? I need to go look at the logo, if there is one, but I’m guessing Asian food, and likely Chinese. UPDATE: See HR’s comment for confirmation.

••• Today is the opening of Downtown Boathouse’s free kayaking at Governor’s Island (10 a.m. to 4 p.m.).

swing dancers duane park••• “Friends of Duane Park is having our annual Street Dance event this Wed from 7-9 in the park. We are expecting a visit from Red Hook Lobster Pound. There’ll be a swing-dance instructor, lights in the trees, and fun for all ages!” I went last year—it was pretty magical.

••• From Brooklyn Robot Foundry: “The new Transformers movie is coming out and we partnered with them to create a really cool promotion. Send your kids to create and build their own custom Autobot or Decepticon robot and get free movie tickets for the whole family!” The details.

••• Arcade Bakery is branching out: There was quiche last week.

••• “PS150’s Rummage & Bake Sale will happen Monday, June 16, 9 a.m. to 4.p.m. Lots of yummy treats, toys, jewelry, scooters, sports equipment, household items, bags & shoes, books, clothing for kids and adults, etc. 334 Greenwich, at Jay.”

••• The Pace dorm at 33 Beekman, to the right of the Gehry building, is rising fast. It’ll be 34 stories when done. UPDATE: Bret comments that the building has been topped (and that the façade is hideous).

33 Beekman

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  1. I forgot to mention there is kanji under the name so I guess Chinese. I was hoping for gelato, because those cupcakes are meh, but I guess that’s not happening. Although Marco Polo etc. so maybe . . .

  2. 33 Beekman is now topped – they built the final floor yesterday. The facade is starting to go up at the bottom and boy oh boy, it is hideous.

  3. In other Brookfield news, they have opened the space at the top of the stairs that overlooks the inside of the cube (don’t know how else to describe it–the balcony where the viewing area used to be for the WTC) so you now have a view again. Useless for anything except viewing, but one small bit of progress.

  4. Yes; sorry; didn’t realize it was old news! Have to read more carefully and get out more.