In the News: Tribeca Husband Accused of Sham Marriage

Sterling Mason••• The courtyard garden in the Sterling Mason (rendered above) won’t be open to anyone—even the building’s apartment owners. At least they’ll have $3,000 music-playing toilets so no one can hear them cry. Also, the Reade Chambers will have a “look-but-don’t-touch garden” that’s “as wild looking as the High Line.” —The New York Times

••• “A Manhattan fashion designer [Anya Ponorovskaya] claims her bigshot lawyer ex duped her into thinking they were legally married and now wants to boot her from their chic Tribeca apartment.” There was a ceremony but no license…. —New York Post

••• What’s in this year’s River to River Festival (June 19-29). —Broadsheet

••• Elise Jordan, who lives in Tribeca, talks to the New York Times about her late husband, writer Michael Hastings, and his posthumously published novel.

••• Designer Lela Rose has the New Potato over for dinner, with lots of apartment pix (it was loft-peeped a while back). Photo by by Danielle Kosann courtesy the New Potato. via Racked

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  1. In an age where click thrus mean everything, I well understand the notion of tying a salacious headline with an unrelated pic. But this is seriously not cool. Lela is a neighbor and based on the many interactions we’ve had on our block, a very lovely woman. Her family are delightful. I’m a little surprised a publication dedicated to showcasing neighborhood happenings in Tribeca could be so cruel.

    • The photos rarely match the headlines in Seen & Heard and In the News roundups; no offense was intended to Lela Rose or her neighbors. I hope the fix has satisfied you.

      • Sorry if that was crabby. My pug, Howard, had just projectile vomited on the carpet—and then when I was cleaning it up, he did it again elsewhere.

        • So now you’re saying that the photo of Lela Rose caused your dog to vomit not once, but TWICE?!! Have you no sense of decency, sir?!
          Although, I would say that was a sham photo shoot, because no one would prepare a meal without adequately protecting a dress that they just bought with an apron. Unless she bought 2 of the same dress?

  2. Thank you. The change in image is appreciated. Associations and accusations are often made on the internet which are untrue…and rarely are retractions ever made. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who thought bad for a moment for Lela Rose and her family.

    • No, Lela’s “Neighbor,” you were the only one who thought bad for a moment, the rest of us were watching the World Cup.

  3. Lela has one serious knife obsession, I mean collection.