Loft Peeping: Lela Rose

The September issue of Gotham includes a look inside the Tribeca apartment of fashion designer Lela Rose. (You may have spotted her riding her distinctive bike around the neighborhood.) Rose told the magazine that she has spent all but one of her 20 years in New York in Tribeca. She and her husband, “hedge fund financier” Brandon Jones, most recently lived on Leonard in a ground-floor space. “I fell in love with its homelike feel,” she said to Gotham. “When we started looking for a new space [in 2008], we asked to be shown groundfloor spaces only. […] Tribeca has changed a lot, but so has the way I live there, now that I have two kids.”

Their new home is almost 6,000 square feet space. They hired WORKac to carve out five bedrooms and four and a half baths. Besides the “dedicated tequila nook,” the most interesting aspects of the decor appear not to be in Costa Picadas‘s photos, or at least I couldn’t find them. Here’s writer Sue Hostetler‘s description: “A set of bamboo tables connects with the wood kitchen table to accommodate as many as 68 dinner guests.” And still no room for you! “Even more dramatically, a glass table suspended from the ceiling is the dessert cart. Rose says that cleaning up after a bash brings out the kid in her guests […] ‘Once all the dishes are cleared,’ she says, ‘it is somewhat irresistible to dance on the tables, even using the glass ceiling table to swing on—it’s kind of like an overgrown kids playground!’” When Rose and Jones are dining en famille, they tend to sit Japanese-style at a bamboo table low to the floor. That’s one way to keep your kids grounded….

UPDATE: The New York Times Magazine has more photos.

[Photos removed. Click the “Gotham” link at top to see the article.]

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